Inclement Weather Information

Updated November 16, 2016

In the event of inclement weather, you can determine whether all or some classes are canceled by phoning the Law School's inclement weather notification line, 458-4772.
If the decision is made to close the entire University, all Law School classes will be canceled.  Notice of the University's closure will be available by calling the 458-4772 number.  In addition, the University's News Office will send a broadcast email to all students, and local TV and radio stations will be informed. Notices will also be posted on the School of Law and University web sites.Even if the University is not closed, some Law School professors may need to cancel a class if they can't get to work safely.  Notice of individual class cancellations will also be available by calling 458-4772.
In the event of inclement weather, you should not attempt to drive to the Law School if conditions make driving unsafe.  Once you get here, you should also exercise caution in using the walkways near the school.