Center for Law and History

Washington and Lee University is the natural home for an interdisciplinary center bringing together the fields of law and history. Combining a prestigious liberal arts college with a highly-ranked law school, Washington and Lee University is particularly poised to foster the study of law within its broader humanistic and historical context.

The university has nearly twenty professors with sustained scholarly interests in the intersection of law and history, in the departments of art, classics, English, history, philosophy, religion, Romance languages, sociology, and law. 

Additionally the library of the Washington and Lee University School of Law contains rich primary materials for the writing of legal history, including the public and private papers of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr. (B.A. 1929, LL.B. 1931), and the archives of the college, as well as the School of Law, which was founded in 1849 and incorporated within the university in 1866.