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Looking for a legal expert for one of today's pressing issues? See below for an up-to-date list of experts with links to recent media appearances and scholarship.

Affordable Care Act, Health Care Reform

Prof. Tim Jost, Emeritus (
Health Affairs Blog

War Crimes, Atrocity, International Law

Prof. Mark Drumbl (
Feature, Unpacking the Resiliency of the Human Spirit, W&L Law

Big Data, Online Privacy, Digital Property

Prof. Joshua Fairfield (
Recent Commentary, Why the 'Internet of Things' Marks a Return to the Middle Ages, Newsweek

Cybersurveillance, Edward Snowden

Prof. Margaret Hu (
Article, Biometric ID Cybersurveillance, Indiana Law Journal

Prof. Russell Miller (
Article, Testimony on NSA Affair for German Parliament, W&L Law

Death Penalty, Capital Defense

Prof. David Bruck (

Prof. John Shapiro (
Interview, Tsarnaev Defense Attorney Has Long History With High-Profile Cases, NPR-All  Things Considered

Immigration Reform, Asylum

Prof. David Baluarte (
Article, Next Steps for DACA and the Dreamers, W&L Law

Corporate Political Speech, Corporate Law

Prof. Sarah Haan (
Commentary, The Coming Trump Slump, U.S. News and World Report

Election Law

Prof. Chris Seaman (
Commentary, The Harmful Myth of Voter Fraud, Roanoke Times

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