Transcript Information

Current Students and Graduates

The transcript is the complete record of all academic work attempted at Washington and Lee, regardless of whether the student was enrolled in law or undergraduate courses, as a degree-seeking student, or a non-degree student. W&L does not provide official transcripts which segregate individual courses, schools, or terms or reflects only study at one level. The transcript also includes a notation of the student's current status with the university, such as "On campus", "Graduated", or "Voluntarily withdrew".

Official transcripts bear the University seal and the University Registrar's signature and are provided directly to individuals, schools, or organizations with a signed release of the student.

The University Registrar does not provide unofficial transcripts or other unofficial documents. Current students who want a simple listing of their Academic Course History should use that link in Self-Service Student Planning.

Walk-in Requests

Current students can place a request for a free paper copy of their official transcript in person at the University Registrar's office at 3 Lee Avenue, during normal business hours.

Note: Former students who attended and/or graduated prior to 1985 are not in the current database. Requests are made through Transcript Ordering or in person, and records can only be mailed. There is no electronic PDF option.

Full information on requesting a transcript