Feature Stories

Student Groups

With over 30 students groups spanning an array of co-curricular, public service and recreational functions, W&L Law offers each student a way to get engaged and become an important part of our community.

International Law at W&L

International law is a centerpiece of the legal education at W&L. It begins in the first year with our required course in transnational law and continues in the 2L and 3L years with seminars, practice simulations and real practice opportunities in both public and private international law, including human rights and access to justice initiatives.

W&L Law in Motion

What makes W&L Law so special and unique among the nation's top law schools? If you can't visit, watching these videos is the next best way to explore W&L Law.

Experience, W&L Law

W&L Law's curriculum provides ample opportunity for students to engage with real-world problems in actual practice settings, here in Lexington and abroad. Below you can read about our students' personal experiences in legal clinics, externships and other settings.

Career Paths

W&L Law students have found success in a variety of legal careers, from public interest to government to business. Read more about our students' job searches, the resources W&L provides to assist students, and our dedicated and broad alumni network.

My W&L Law

What makes W&L Law so special? We asked several of our students to reflect on their legal education and their time in Lexington.

Why W&L Law

Each year, we ask our incoming 1L students to reflect on their law school search and what ultimately led them to W&L Law. Read their stoires below.