Career Paths

In-House Counsel

Although many law graduates work in law firms before joining a company as in-house counsel, some students join a company immediately after graduation. Below you can read about some of our students who are becoming in-house counsel.

Law Firms

A large portion of W&L Law graduates each year go to work for law firms, with around a quarter each year going to work in so-called "BigLaw."

Judicial Clerkships

W&L Law students continue to have great success in securing federal and state clerkships after graduation. These prestigious positions are gateways to great legal careers, and W&L has long been one of the top-ranked schools in placing students into clerkships.

Public Interest

Many students pursue careers in the public interest, including in legal aid and public defender offices.


From the court system to the JAG corp, many of our students choose legal careers in the government at the both the state and federal level.

Summer Experience

W&L Law students spend their summers working in a variety of settings, from law firms to corporations to non-profits. Read some of their stories below.