Students with Families or Significant Others Transitioning to Lexington

Each year a number of law students bring spouses, fiances, boyfriends, girlfriends, significant others, partners and children to Lexington. Law Families is an informal group open to law students and their significant others. The group gathers for various social events, many of which are kid-friendly. Activities include picnics, bowling, snow tubing, game night, a Thanksgiving potluck, to name just a few. There is also a "Ladies' Night" and sometimes even a corresponding "Guys' Night."

The group is a great network both for those accompanying a law student to Lexington and for those combining the challenge of law school with familial obligations or a committed relationship. Please feel free to contact the Admissions Office to get in touch with the current leaders and members who can help answer any questions you might have about Law Families. Whether you are wondering what it's like to attend law school with a significant other or are simply interested in getting involved with Law Families once you move to Lexington, Law Families members are happy to answer your questions.

For Those With Children

For those law students with young or school-age children, please know that a great many people affiliated with the law school have experience with most local resources and are happy to provide assistance. The University's Human Resources office maintains a listing of helpful resources in the area, including day care resources, summer camps, and babysitting through  For a listing of public schools in the area, see the portion of this page below labeled "Teaching."

  • Kindergartens, Nursery Schools, and Day Care:
    • Central Elementary School (K-5) Lexington 540.463.4500
    • Effinger Elementary Lexington 540.463.4459
    • Enderly Heights Elementary Buena Vista 540.261.6151
    • Fairfield Elementary Fairfield 540.348.5202
    • Kling Elementary Buena Vista 540.261.6717
    • Montessori Center for Children Lexington 540.463.6461
    • Mountain View Elementary Buena Vista 540.261.2418
    • Natural Bridge Elementary Natural Bridge 540.291.2292
    • Providence II School Lexington 540.463.7667
    • Rockbridge Christian Academy Lexington 540.463.5456
    • St. John's Preschool Buena Vista 540.261.2976
    • Waddell Elementary (public K-5) Lexington 540.463.5353
    • Yellow Brick Road Child Care Center Lexington 540.463.4656

For Job Seekers

The job market in Lexington is tight; however, law students' companions have two advantages. First, every year a certain number of jobs become available when law students' companions leave Lexington after graduation. Second, the law school's active "grapevine" supplements more traditional methods of job-seeking. Informal networking can provide many opportunities, so you'd be wise to make your talents and qualifications known, whether at Open House or through email conversations with current students, your Kirgis Fellow, or law school administrators. It's best to come early and look hard!

Lexington is a residential town with many banks, stores, restaurants, and business offices that are potential sources of employment. It is also a college town, and, in addition to Washington and Lee, is home to the Virginia Military Institute. Nearby institutions of higher learning include Southern Virginia University, in neighboring Buena Vista (pronounced B'YOO-nuh VIS-ta), Roanoke College in Salem (55 miles), Mary Baldwin College in Staunton (pronounced STAN-ton) (30 miles), James Madison University in Harrisonburg (60 miles), and The University of Virginia in Charlottesville (65 miles). Each of these nearby cities offers a wider range of employment opportunities than Lexington; commuting in this region isn't characterized by the rush hour traffic that plagues larger metropolitan areas and spouses/partners/professors and others in the community sometimes carpool to make the trips easier.

Spouses seeking jobs in Lexington and in the aforementioned commuter markets should consult the below resources for openings and availabilities:

Newspaper listings:
Lexington News Gazette
Roanoke Times
Staunton News Leader
Charlottesville Daily Progress

University Jobs:
Washington & Lee
Virginia Military Institute
Southern Virginia University
Mary Baldwin
Roanoke College
James Madison
University of Virginia


Virginia has a unique system of school districting. Each county has a district, but a large town within the county may have its own separate school system. In the immediate W&L area, there are two city districts (Lexington and Buena Vista) and a county district (Rockbridge). All three districts have independent elementary and middle schools; there are two high schools, one serving Buena Vista and one for the remainder of the county, including Lexington. Each district requires a separate application for employment. The following is a list of area School Boards with their respective schools:

Lexington City School Board 540.463.7146
Waddell Elementary 540.463.5353
Lylburn Downing Middle 540.463.3532

Buena Vista School Board 540.261.2129
Enderly Heights 540.261.6151
F.W. Kling Elementary 540.261.6717
Parry McCluer Middle School 540.261.7340
Parry McCluer High School 540.261.2127

Rockbridge County School Board 540.463.7386
Central Elementary 540.463.4500
Fairfield Elementary 540.348.5202
Effinger Elementary 540.463.4459
Maury River Middle School 540.463.3129
Mountain View Elementary 540.261.2418
Natural Bridge Elementary 540.291.2292
Rockbridge Middle School 540.348.5445
Rockbridge County High School 540.463.5555

A complete listing of all city and county school districts and information about Virginia Teacher Certification can be obtained on the Virginia Department of Education website.

There are a number of private schools in the larger towns and cities nearby: Staunton/Verona, Fishersville/Waynesboro, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, and Charlottesville to the north and west, and Roanoke to the south. For a more complete list of the private schools in the area, we recommend you start with the National Association of Independent Schools' website.


For those spouses or significant others seeking employment in the healthcare industry, there are a number of employment possibilities both in Lexington and the surrounding area. In addition to Stonewall Jackson Hospital in Lexington, several healthcare facilities are within a very reasonable drive. Below is a full listing of nearby hospitals:

Carilion Rockbridge Community Hospital
Carilion Roanoke Community Hospital
Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital
Augusta Medical Center
UVA Medical Center