Alumni Perspectives

One of the best ways to judge a law school is to hear from its alumni.  W&L Law enjoys an A+ ranking in Alumni and Student Satisfaction.  Our alumni network extends to all 50 states and 29 foreign countries. Here are just a few of the reasons why our alumni value their Washington and Lee legal education:

Our Faculty

"Practicing law is not just an occupation, it is a profession. A student must learn what is to be a professional, with responsibilities not only to the client, but to the judicial system itself, and the public generally. This personal development requires ongoing interaction with professors and is best achieved in the intimate setting of a small law school. That's why W&L is among the handful of schools at which we recruit year after year." 

Gary Bryant, '87L 

Norfolk, Virginia

"What separates W&L Law from other law schools are the faculty. You may well leave with a mentor to help guide you when you want to move firms; a friend to send a recommendation when you are applying to your first, second, or third job; or a colleague to contact when you do your first media case. At the very least, you will have a body of people committed to not just seeing you be a good student, but a great lawyer."

Brian Buckmire, '14L

Brooklyn, New York

"Attending Washington and Lee School of Law was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Many things set W&L Law apart, but its greatest asset is its professors, who are not only brilliant legal scholars, but also genuinely decent human beings who always put their students first. I doubt there is a law school anywhere that does a better job at remaining focused on its students and their success."

Rima Hartman '94L

Birmingham, Alabama

Our Size

"There are so many wonderful things about W&L, but one of my favorites is the benefit of attending a small law school. The sense of community at W&L Law is incredibly strong and continues well after you've finished your three years in Lexington. That's what you get for attending a small, intimate law school - a deep camaraderie among the students, faculty and alumni that will follow you long into your legal career."

Jessica Tracy, '13L

New York City, New York

"W&L Law offers students the opportunity to learn from esteemed professors in a small-group setting and gain invaluable practical experience that will carry them into their legal careers. Students leave with a solid knowledge of the law and, more importantly, the know-how to put that knowledge into practice."

Tracy Taylor Hague, '97L

Richmond, Virginia

“At W&L Law you will receive a superior legal education that will prepare you for the rigors of practicing law in any setting. You will learn from the brightest legal minds in the country, all of whom are able to invest in each of their students on an individual basis because of W&L Law’s intentionally small class sizes. This tight-knit community also leads to life-long friendships and a strong alumni base.” 

Nicholas Ramos, '18L

Richmond, Virginia

Our Community

"At W&L, I found real collegiality and true friends amongst my entire class, professors were always available and excited to meet and answer questions, and, in fact, professors I never even had knew my name and were invested in my success. These are the intangible, unquantifiable aspects of W&L that make it great; and while perhaps difficult to capably articulate, they are as immutable and ingrained in the fabric of the institution as the Blue Ridge Mountains are in its skyline."

Patrick Barthle, '12L

Tampa, Florida

"I knew I wanted to practice law at a top firm in Washington, DC, and W&L has a great track record and reputation in this regard. Second, I wanted to enjoy my time in law school. W&L's program is rigorous, but the community is relaxed and it's a great place to unwind. I was really fortunate to have ended up at W&L Law."

Hans Peter Dyke, ‘06L

Washington, DC

"I truly view my W&L Law classmates as part of my family. I have as many memories of law school professors and classmates outside the classroom as I do inside the classroom. Going to law school with the Honor System as a way of life has carried over into my practice. The legal community is small and reputations are important." 

William Toles, '95L

Dallas, Texas

"I loved everything about W&L Law. The smaller size and feel were perfect for me. I got to know my professors and my classmates, making deep friendships and business connections across the country for a lifetime. Lexington is a wonderful place to spend three years and allows you to escape and relax from the rigors of law school life. I continue to remain an active law alumnus and maintain the connections I made while there."

Timothy A. Hodge, Jr. '90L

Baltimore, Maryland

"I graduated from W&L Law over 30 years ago, and still rarely a day goes by that I don't realize some benefit from my time in Lexington. Those benefits extend well beyond the legal knowledge I gained and retain. They include a love of learning and a network of friends and colleagues who continue to enrich my life."

Robert Couch '78, '82L

Birmingham, Alabama

"There are two major reasons to chose W&L Law, the sense of community and the practical experience. At W&L Law I immediately felt at home on campus. The classmates I studied with are still some of my best friends and my professors still answered my emails two years after graduation to provide advice and guidance when I was looking for a new job. I also had my first bench trial in my clinic 3L year, which meant I had experience to draw on the first time I had to appear in court as a new lawyer." 

Lauren Bodhan, '11, '14L 

Charlotte, North Carolina

Our Curriculum

"Two key attributes set W&L apart: unique opportunities and a close-knit alumni network. My externship with an appellate judge as part of my third year provided an ideal forum for practicing and further developing my written and oral advocacy skills. And, with the support of an enthusiastic alumni network that extends beyond a single class or geographic region, I have established connections that have led to new opportunities in the District."

Meghan Flinn, '14L

Washington, DC

"Learning how to counsel and work with clients is not something you learn in a classroom. W&L Law's experiential offerings provided me with multiple opportunities to develop real client relationships."

Lillian Reynolds, '12L

Baltimore, Maryland

Our Network

"I knew I could take my degree and practice anywhere from DC to Texas and have folks recognize the quality of W&L. Being a part of the W&L community is both an honor and an obligation to maintain those qualities in my practice such as civility, honesty, temperance, and elegance that made my days at W&L so wonderful."

Bobby Majumder, '93L

Dallas, Texas

"I chose W&L Law for so many reasons, but the most important were: the integrity the school instills in students, the alumni network, and the small class size, not to mention the beautiful setting and congenial atmosphere. W&L is truly a unique law school and I am proud to be an alum."

Katie Boone, '06L

Atlanta, Georgia

"I chose Washington and Lee for the small town, intimate environment of Lexington and the law school itself.  Even though I am no longer working in the state of Virginia, the three years I spent in Lexington were invaluable in gaining close relationships with both my peers and professors.  I continue to utilize many of the skills I learned at Washington and Lee on a day-to-day basis."  

Kasey Oliver '11L

Los Angeles, California

"The Washington and Lee Law School experience is unlike any other. W&L has found a way to offer a competitive, world-class legal education, while simultaneously fostering an atmosphere of encouragement and support. Alumni have very fond memories of W&L and they understand that W&L graduates are some of the best trained young lawyers. This is what makes the W&L network so strong. W&L and the W&L alumni network have been integral to my success in the legal field."

Glenn Williams, '14L

Atlanta, Georgia

"W&L Law has proven to be one of the best investments I’ve made. It affords a world-class education in a setting where you can actually get to know professors and fellow students. All the while, the law school’s professional network and market reputation remains disproportionately large compared to its size." 

Rakesh Gopalan, '06L 

Charlotte, North Carolina