Research Assistants

Andrew W. McThenia Faculty Research Assistants

2L and 3L students have the opportunity to work with W&L Law faculty as research assistants.  One such opportunity is the Andrew W. McThenia Faculty Research Assistantship.  A pool of second- or third-year law students, the McThenia Faculty Research Assistants, provide specialized research support for the W&L Law faculty. The McThenia RAs work under the supervision of a reference librarian to assist with faculty projects of varying scope and duration. Only 2Ls and 3Ls may apply to be McThenia Research Assistants.  Please contact Mr. Andrew Christensen for more information about the McThenia RA opportunity.

Other students serve as research assistants for faculty members on specific projects.  Such opportunities are typically for 2L and 3L students, or over the summer.  After enrolling, please speak with the faculty member whose interests most closely align with yours, or with the Associate Dean for Academics, if you wish to research with a particular faculty member on a designated topic.