Reasons to Give

"Why should I make a contribution to Washington and Lee School of Law?"

  • Every gift buys something the School would not have otherwise -- Each book in the library is important to the student reading it, and each computer is vital to learning. Each year, small gifts amount to thousands of dollars.

  • Gifts to the Law Annual Fund support the best elements of W&L Law -- Small classes, low faculty-to-student ratio, beautiful campus, one-on-one attention. Without financial support, it would be difficult to maintain these assets.

  • Gifts to other designated funds allow W&L to pursue endeavors outside the normal budget restrictions.

  • Success breeds success -- Foundations and wealthy individuals have shown greater inclination to give to causes that demonstrate widespread support from the constituents they have served. The fact that so many people who have benefited from an institution choose to support it is impressive. Every gift, therefore, has a leverage or "ripple effect" well beyond its own value.

  • Every W&L student, faculty member or staff person has benefited from alumni philanthropy -- Student tuition covers only about 65% of the cost of a student's education at the Washington and Lee School of Law.  Private dollars have always helped make up the difference. Some students have received scholarships and stipends that exist only due to alumni donations. We have all enjoyed the benefits of this giving. 

  • The tradition of philanthropy at W&L keeps the institution strong and competitive. The value of a W&L diploma depends on the standing of the School of Law. 

  • In public institutions, tuition is subsidized by the government. At W&L, this subsidy comes from gifts made by alumni and friends who are concerned about keeping a W&L law degree affordable.  Remember that student tuition covers only about 65% of the cost of a student's education.