Post Graduate Judicial Clerkships

We encourage every student to consider a judicial clerkship, either immediately after graduation or perhaps after a year or two of practice.

A clerkship is a terrific position in which to begin your legal career, regardless of your professional aspirations. Law clerks learn about the litigation process, of course, but also about substantive law, negotiation, professional demeanor and a range of other lawyering skills. In addition to sharpening the writing skills they developed at W&L Law, law clerks have ample opportunity to observe lawyers in action, enhancing their professional judgment before they begin practice.

The Process, In Brief

Students interested in a clerkship, federal or state, begin the application process by submitting a Clerkship Registration using the link in the SCORE Resource Library. Each aspiring law clerk then meets with a member of the Clerkship Committee, who will provide counseling and assistance with crafting an application strategy. The Clerkship Committee serves as a continuing resource, conducting practice clerkship interviews and advocating for W&L Law applicants with members of the bench.

After meeting with a Committee member, students should carefully review the Clerkship Application Guides (federal and state) available in the SCORE Resource Library.

When these steps have been completed, students are able to request that faculty letters of recommendation support of clerkship applications be prepared.


The Clerkship Committee for the 2023 - 2024 academic year:

  • Andrea Hilton, Chair
  • Professor Hasbrouck
  • Professor Pfeffer-Gillett
  • Professor Seaman
  • Professor Woody

Reimbursement for Judicial Clerkship Job Search

Students who have incurred expenses during initial and call-back interviews for a post-grad judicial clerkship may apply for reimbursement.

  • Applications for reimbursement of judicial clerkship job search expenses must be submitted to OCS within 30 days of when the expenses incurred. 
  • Visit the SCORE Resource Library for the required form. 

Resources to assist students in developing a clerkship application strategy and submitting applications are collected in the SCORE Resource Library.

Andrea Hilton is OCS' point person for those seeking post graduate clerkships - stop by OCS, call 540.458.8022 or e-mail Andrea at