Recent Grads

OCS Post-Graduate Job Search Assistance
OCS and W&L's alumni are committed to helping you with your search and we hope that you will stay in touch with our office so that we can have the information necessary to accurately target and communicate opportunities for you. Whether you regularly use OCS assistance or have never met with a counselor, we are here to help. We have received positive feedback about this program from past graduates and believe the actions below can drive results and expand your reach in your post graduate job search.

Opportunity Match and Job Leads [Ongoing]
When OCS learns of opportunities for recent graduates, we will reach out to you if you have indicated an interest in the type of opportunity and meet the employer's qualifications. Letting us know what you want to do and where you want to do it is crucial for us to be of assistance. If you have already done that, then staying in contact regarding any changes to your preferences will continue to help us determine when these opportunities may be a good fit. Based on the information we have regarding your location and interests, we will send you notifications of postings and potential opportunities. This is a great way to learn of jobs that are posted on SCORE as well as jobs that employers do not widely advertise. Every opportunity we get for recent grads will also be posted in SCORE, so you can always find those there.

Local Young Alumni Mentor
Based on where you are located after graduation, we can introduce you to a young alumni to be a local resource and offer support. This resource is intended to provide a connection to someone who has recently been in your shoes and can provide practical advice and assistance. If you are interested in utilizing this resource, please let Ms. Coleman-Jackson know.

Targeted Alumni Send Outs [Pre or Post-Bar Results]
If you want, we will send a profile of you (a one-page sheet highlighting your educational and professional accomplishments with a professional photo) to alumni in the specific geographic market(s) in which you are looking for employment. This is a way to help you reach a wider audience to generate job leads and connections. Over the past several years, these profiles have been highly successful in generating momentum at a time when many recent graduates need it the most. In addition to numerous leads and connections, several recent graduates have received interviews and a few have secured employment as a result of these efforts. If you would like for us to do a Profile Send-Out for you after the bar exam, please let us know when you are ready for us to send out this targeted alumni information on your behalf.