Transnational Law Institute

The Transnational Law Institute supports and coordinates teaching innovations, externships, internships, job opportunities, a speaker series, and visiting faculty to help prepare students for the increasing globalization of legal practice. The Institute, which was established in 2006, is committed to the integrated study of international and comparative law, as well as those aspects of U.S. law that involve cross-border issues.

Mark A. Drumbl, the Class of 1975 Alumni Professor of Law, serves as the Institute's Director.

The Institute has introduced new courses to the curriculum. Beginning in 2009-2010, Washington and Lee Law introduced a mandatory 3 credit Transnational Law Course in the first year of the J.D. This course is offered in the second semester of the first year for 3 credits to all students. The Upper Year curriculum also has rapidly expanded. In addition to a broad array of core courses in international and comparative law, as well as a variety of research seminars, we now offer an number of cutting-edge experiential courses in transnational law together with editing and writing opportunities at the German Law Journal.

The Institute assists students in assuming internships involving international or comparative law matters in a broad array of organizations. These students are designated Institute Summer Associates or, in the case of post-graduate externships, as Institute Associates. In each of 2012 and 2011, ten students participated in these programs. More information about them and their internships is available here.

The Institute also coordinates visiting faculty and visiting scholars who come to W&L for short periods of time to teach intensive courses or undertake advanced research.

The Institute also augments the scholarly life of the entire Washington and Lee community. Leading intellectuals and policymakers come to campus in an invited lecture series, including several Past Presidents of the American Society of International Law. Other honorary speakers include a variety of prominent law professors, journalists, authors, and military leaders.