Barbora Hola Frances Lewis Scholar in Residence


Barbora Hola is this year's Lewis Law Center Scholar-in-Residence. She is an award winning empirical legal scholar whose teaching and research focuses on international criminal justice, transitional justice after mass atrocities, and etiology of collective violence. During her visit, Dr. Hola will work with Prof. Mark Drumbl on a manuscript entitled "'Getting' Collaborators: Stories and Sentiments Starting in Communist Prague." Using original archival material and oral histories, the book explores processes of informing and snitching on others to state authorities in repressive times and considers what transitional justice should do with informers after repression ends.

Dr. Hola works as Senior Researcher at the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement and as Associate Professor at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Beyond her research and teaching in the Master's program for International Crimes and Criminology at VU Amsterdam, Dr. Hola is a co-director of the Center for International Criminal Justice, a knowledge center dedicated to interdisciplinary studies of mass atrocity crimes and international criminal justice and co-chair of the European Criminology Group on Atrocity Crimes and Transitional Justice.