Timothy S. Jost Robert L. Willett Family Professor of Law, Emeritus


BA, 1970, University of California at Santa Cruz

JD, 1975, University of Chicago Law School


Jost retired as the Robert L. Willett Family Professorship of Law at the Washington and Lee University School of Law. He is a co-author of a casebook, Health Law, used widely throughout the United States in teaching health law, and of a treatise and hornbook by the same name. He is also the author of Health Care Coverage Determinations: An International Comparative StudyDisentitlement? The Threats Facing our Public Health Care Programs and a Rights-Based Response; and Readings in Comparative Health Law and Bioethics, the second edition of which appeared this spring.

He has also written numerous articles and book chapters on health care regulation and comparative health law and policy, and has lectured on health law topics throughout the world. His most recent book is Health Care at Risk: A Critique of the Consumer-Driven Movement, which was published by Duke University Press in 2007.

Admitted to practice in Illinois and Ohio; Staff Attorney, Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago, 1975-76; Supervisory Attorney, Legal Services for the Mentally Disabled of Uptown, 1977-78; Supervisory Attorney, Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago, 1979-81; Assistant Professor, Ohio State University College of Law, 1981-85; Associate Professor, 1985-87; Associate Professor, Division of Hospital and Health Services Administration, Ohio State University College of Medicine, 1986-87; Professor, Ohio State University College of Law and College of Medicine, 1987-92; Visiting Fellow and European Fulbright Regional Research Scholar, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Wolfson College, Oxford University, 1988-89; Guest Professor and Fulbright Scholar, Universität, Göttingen, Germany, 1996-97; Newton D. Baker, Baker & Hostetler Chair of Law and Professor of College of Medicine and Public Health, Division of Health Services Management and Policy, Ohio State University, 1992-2001; Visiting Professor of Law, Washington and Lee University, spring 2000; Robert L. Willett Family Professor of Law, 2001-2014.