Full-Time Faculty

David Baluarte

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Clinical Professor of Law

Matthew Boaz

Visiting Director of the Immigrant Rights Clinic and Professor of Practice

Michelle Cosby

Assistant Dean of Legal Information Services and Professor of Practice

Mark A. Drumbl

Class of 1975 Alumni Professor of Law and Director, Transnational Law Institute

Keri Gould

Director of Externships and Professor of Practice

Sarah Haan

Class of 1958 Uncas and Anne McThenia Professor of Law

John D. King

James P. Morefield Professor of Law, Director of Experiential Education and Director, Criminal Justice Clinic

Timothy C. MacDonnell

Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Advanced Administrative Litigation Clinic (Black Lung)

Catlin Meade

Professor of Practice and Legal Writing Instructor

Allison Weiss

Professor of Practice and Legal Writing Instructor