September 8, 2020 - Dean Hellwig to Conclude Deanship at End of Academic Year

Dear Members of the W&L Law Community,

I write to share that I have recently expressed to President Dudley and Provost Oliver my desire to conclude my tenure as dean at the end of the current academic year.  Given my affection for our law school and the considerable investments many have made in our continued success over recent years, this is not an easy decision.  Yet at this stage in my career, I believe I can best serve the school by returning to my responsibilities as an active member of the faculty, and I look forward to doing so.   

I am tremendously grateful to have worked alongside faculty, staff, students, and alumni who, in a variety of ways, have enabled our law school to navigate a particularly challenging period in legal education.  We have taken steps to maintain and improve our innovative program of legal education while prioritizing student outcomes.  In the process, we also have taken pride in what makes our small, close-knit law school special.  Serving as dean has permitted me to form relationships with a range of individuals who have great affection for W&L Law and are committed to our success.  I view those relationships as true gifts.  Another gift has been the ability to engage with our students over the years.  They are a driving force behind the character of our law school, and they have been instrumental in pursuing ways to strengthen the sense of belonging in our community.     

I am also grateful for the investment the University has made in its unique status as an elite liberal arts institution that has the benefit of including a nationally regarded law school.  The University's support - financial and otherwise - came at a critical time, and the law school's deeper connections with the administration, faculty, and staff on the undergraduate campus have provided a source of renewed energy for those of us in Lewis Hall.  

I would like to stress that I believe in the future of our law school.  We have a talented and committed faculty and staff.  Our students are motivated and bright, and they possess an admirable level of genuineness and decency.  They will be a credit to our school in the legal profession.  The law school and the University are pursuing initiatives that will enhance the breadth of our community and the quality of our education in the process.  For my part, I will continue to work as hard as I can on behalf of the law school over the year ahead.  Afterward, I look forward to joining my colleagues in contributing to the quality of our program and to the character of our school as a member of the full-time faculty, a position I am fortunate to hold.  

With sincere gratitude,
Brant J. Hellwig