Regulations for Use of Collections

Access to Materials

The archives resources are available to the researching public under the conditions stated below, and with the exceptions stated in our access policy. Archives or manuscripts held by the library with restrictions on their use may be used only subject to those restrictions.

On your first visit to the repository, you will be asked to complete a reader registration form and may be asked to provide two forms of identification, at least one of which contains a photograph and current address.

Only those books and papers necessary for research are permitted in the reading room. As a security measure, the archives reserves the right to inspect all items removed from the search room or that have been in the search room. This includes coats, umbrellas, purses, briefcases, backpacks, carrying cases, and portfolios

Search room tables are reserved for the use of repository materials and other items necessary for research and note-taking. Eating, drinking, and smoking are not permitted.

All repository materials are non-circulating and must be consulted only in the search room.

Repository materials are housed in closed stacks. A finding aid is available for each collection. Based on an examination of the finding aids, a request must be made for each item or collection to facilitate its retrieval and to establish responsibility for its use.

Handling Materials

Since much of the material in this repository is rare, often unique, and sometimes fragile or brittle, it is essential that particular care be taken in handling each book and manuscript. Persons found to be involved in the mutilation, destruction, or theft of materials are subject to prosecution. We request your cooperation in preserving these valuable and irreplaceable collections by observing the following procedures and regulations:

Portable computers, cameras, scanners, pencils and ballpoint pens only may be used in the search room.

Materials should not be written on, leaned on, altered, folded anew, traced, or handled in any way likely to inflict damage. Notify staff of anything needing preservation attention.

When using archive and manuscript material, maintain the exact order of folders in a box and of items within a folder. Remove only one folder at a time from a manuscript box and do not remove materials from the folder. If a mistake in arrangement is suspected, call it to the attention of the staff. Do not rearrange the material yourself.

Though readers must respect reading room conventions of courtesy and take care not to disturb other readers, arrangements may be made for the use of voice recorders, cameras, personal computers, and scanners in the search room. Readers must receive permission before photographing materials or using personal copiers or digital scanners. Photoduplication services are available.


Requests for photoduplication of material will be considered when such duplication can be done without injury to the material, when it is within departmental policy, and when it is in accordance with donor agreements and copyright restrictions. When allowed, single copies will be provided for the researcher's reference only. Further information is available in the "Request for Reproduction of Materials."


These materials are made available for the sole purpose of research and study. Permission to examine materials is not an authorization to photocopy or publish them. All requests for permission to publish or quote from these materials must be submitted to the Powell Archives. Permission for publication is often given on behalf of the Powell Archives as owner of the physical materials. This is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, in instances where copyrights have not been transferred to this archives or to the public. In such instances, permission must also be obtained by the reader from the copyright holder before quoting more than a "brief extract" or publishing any reproduction.

The Powell Archives would be happy to receive complimentary copies of publications which have made use of its resources.


In citing materials from the collections in this repository, use the following sample format:
Letter, Weicker to Powell, July 22, 1976,
Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Papers, Box 33-Folder 26
Powell Archives
Washington and Lee University School of Law