Independent Research and Tutorials

Students may conduct independent research or pursue specialized studies in areas of the law which are of particular interest to them in the form of independent research projects or tutorials. Faculty members may conduct tutorials for small groups of students on issues not otherwise taught in the curriculum. Arrangements for independent research projects or tutorials should be made with the professor who teaches in the subject area involved. One to two hours of credit will be granted per independent research project or tutorial, depending on size and scope. No more than four credits may be awarded for independent research projects or tutorials during one's academic career. Projects or tutorials may only be "credit" or "no credit". Independent Research Projects or Tutorials must be approved by the Independent Research Committee no later than the tenth day of the semester in which the project is to be completed.

Procedures for Submitting Proposals (each semester)

  • Prepare a description of the project and subject it to the sponsoring faculty member for approval. (Form available below.)
  • Submit the description and the sponsoring faculty member's approval to the Independent Research Committee for review. The committee will review the materials submitted, and you will be notified of their decision before the add courses deadline.
  • Projects approved by the Independent Research Committee need to be sent to the Law Records Office to complete the registration process.

Independent Research Proposal Form (fillable pdf)

(updated 7/19/2023)