Exam Procedures

Final Exam Schedule - Fall 2022 (updated 11/28/2022)

Final Exam Policies

Final Exam Submission Instructions

The following policies and procedures apply to the taking of exams. Please read them carefully and be sure you understand them:

i. Exams are graded anonymously. Exam numbers will be available online before exams begin. Do not use midterm numbers or previous semester's numbers on your finals. Put your exam number and not your name on any materials that you submit for your exam. Anything done by a student that lets a faculty member know or suspect his or her identity may be grounds for reducing a grade and may be considered a violation of the Honor System. Exam numbers may be located by logging in to the Law Grades website using your W&L credentials. This will be the same place you submit your exams unless instructed otherwise by your professor.

ii. The Honor System requires that exams be pledged. It is sufficient simply to write the word "Pledged" on the top of your exam answers unless your professor requires something more. Some professors announce that turning in the exam is an affirmation of compliance with the Honor System. The written pledge is "On my honor, I have neither given nor received any unacknowledged aid on this exam". Please review The White Book online for additional information about the Honor System.

iii. Be sure that you understand what, if any, materials you may bring into each exam and that you have no other materials with you. If your professor has not made clear what materials are permitted, be sure to ask. It is your responsibility to clarify. If your professor is giving a take-home exam, be mindful of the deadline to submit as they may vary by class/section.

iv. Take careful note of the room assigned for each exam. That is where the exam will be handed out for in-person exams. It is not necessarily the same room in which the class was taught.

v. Submitting your exam: all exams whether administered in-person, or as a take-home must be submitted to the Law Grades site. You can find a step-by-step guide for submitting your exam on the Law Registrar website. You will be given a ten (10) minute grace period to submit your exam once the exam time is over. If you are beyond this grace period you may be docked points from your grade. Remember to only use your final exam number on the exam(s) you submit - this will be the only way to identify which exam belongs to which student.

vi. Exams may be taken in the assigned rooms or elsewhere in the law school building, except as otherwise instructed by your professors. Note: You may not use the Law Library Study Rooms for exams. Regardless of where you take your exam, please remember that you must hand in your exam questions in the room in which the exam was handed out. Also, remember that, wherever you choose to write or type your exam, you remain subject to the Honor System in addition to whatever rules or restrictions your professor has chosen to impose. If taking a take-home exam, you are on your honor to promptly delete all copies of your exam questions upon completion of your exam.

vii. Students studying in classrooms should respect their fellow students' need for quiet if they wish to take an exam in the same room. Everyone needs to remember to be courteous during this time.

viii. Computers may be used for taking exams, unless prohibited by your professor. If your professor has not announced whether computer use is permitted, be sure to ask. If you do wish to use a computer and can do so, you are responsible for providing your own computer. Students who use computers to write their exams assume the risk of computer failure and are responsible for insuring against that risk. Therefore, it is essential that you periodically generate back-up copies of your exam to a personal flash drive or cloud-based drive such as your school provided Box account.

ix. As a rule, exams must be taken at the time indicated on the exam schedule. An exam may be taken at an unscheduled time only for truly compelling reasons (i.e. a serious illness, a death of a close family member, a religious obligation, etc.) and with express permission of Trenya Mason, Associate Dean for Law Student Affairs. Permission must be obtained BEFORE the regularly scheduled exam time unless an emergency precludes doing so. Rescheduling for medical reasons requires a doctor's written recommendation. No adjustments will be granted for such things as oversleeping or mistaking the scheduled time. Adjustments are not available due to job interviews, travel commitments, and the like. Moreover, Dean Mason will not reschedule an exam after the start of the exam period for a reason that existed before the start of the exam period. IMPORTANT NOTE: Any adjustment in the exam schedule is handled by the Student Affairs Office, not by the faculty. Do NOT discuss an adjustment with the instructor in the course as this may jeopardize your anonymity.

x. Please be very careful not to discuss the content of your exams after you have taken them. Most exams are subject to multiple administrations; moreover, one or more students in your class may be taking the exam at an unscheduled time. Careless remarks that are overheard can give students who have not taken the exam an unfair advantage and may also implicate the Honor System.

Questions regarding accommodations, adjustments, exams or procedures should be addressed to Trenya Mason, Associate Dean for Law Student Affairs at masont@wlu.edu