Registration for law students

Please bookmark the Workday Student help page and be on the lookout for more announcements! To log in to Workday, please visit You will then click on the Workday or Workday-Student icon. If you experience any issues, please report them to the Helpdesk. Please continue to reference your Progress tab in Student Planning for degree requirements.

Registration is the initial process of signing up for courses each term. Consistent with W&L's principle that students bear responsibility for their academic choices and progress, each student selects sections to register into each term. You create a planned schedule in Workday then when your registration window opens, you determine which section is moved to register into or move to wait list status. Workday will check for open seats and for appropriate eligibility, including prerequisites, time conflicts, holds, etc. 

Drop/add First-year courses and all other required courses may not be dropped. Second- or third-year courses other than externships and clinical courses may be added or dropped at the option of the student (subject to limitations on class size and other limitations announced by the instructor) during the first five days of classes of the semester; thereafter such courses may be added or dropped only with the consent of the instructor and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Under no circumstances may such a course be added after the tenth day of classes of the semester. Courses that are approved to be dropped after the 10th day of classes will be marked as a withdrawal ("W" grade) see class withdrawal policy for more information. Independent Research projects or Tutorials must be approved by the Law Faculty's Independent Research Committee no later than the tenth day of class of the semester in which the project is to be completed.

Workday Training documents and videos are available online: Topics covered are: creating a course schedule, registration walk-through, requesting a course section prerequisite override, wait listing a course, and troubleshooting registration.