Second-Year Writing Requirement

A student, in order to receive a degree, must, at some time during his or her second year, complete a research and writing project under the direct supervision of a member of the Faculty or Dean. Satisfactory completion of the requirement will be demonstrated by certification from the instructor who supervises the project. To satisfy the requirement a writing project must require thorough legal research, a substantial piece of legal writing, and rewriting in response to criticism from the supervising instructor. The requirement may be satisfied by an Independent Research Project or a law journal note if the above standards are met. The requirement may also be met by satisfactory completion of a paper meeting the above standards and submitted as part of the regular work in designated courses or seminars.

The following 2022 - 2023 courses may satisfy the requirement:

•LAW 606 - Advanced Legal Writing
•LAW 603 - Art Law Seminar
•LAW 637 - Comparative Constitutional Law Seminar
•LAW 652 - Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar
•LAW 653 - Crimmigration Law Seminar
•LAW 656 - Critical Race Theory Seminar
•LAW 671 - Disability Law Seminar
•LAW 669 - Election Law and Voting Rights Seminar
•LAW 615 - Electric Power Seminar
•LAW 602 - Fourth Amendment and Technology Seminar
•LAW 604 - Gender and the Law Seminar
•LAW 618 - Insider Trading Seminar
•LAW 680 - Introduction to European Union Law Seminar
•LAW 642 - Law and Geography Seminar
•LAW 643 - Law of Money in Politics Seminar
•LAW 911 - Law Review: 2L
•LAW 620 - Legal Pluralism, Conflict and Justice Seminar
•LAW 970 - Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice
•LAW 691 - Poverty Seminar
•LAW 693 - Privacy and Information Security Law Seminar

At the end of the semester in which you complete your writing requirement you will be asked to obtain faculty sign-off on one of the writing forms below in order for credit to be applied to your transcript. Return the completed form to the Law Registrar office or to Sean at 

Second-year Writing Requirement Sign Off Forms:

Seminar Courses (follow link to access form. Open in Adobe for a fillalbe version).

Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice - Contact JCRSJ Editor in Chief for most current form.

Law Review - Contact Law Review Editor in Chief for most current form.

 Updated 3/15/2022