Pass/No Pass

Any elective course (but no required course, and no clinic, externship classroom component, or practicum) may be taken on a pass/no pass basis unless the instructor, before the beginning of the semester in which the course is offered, denies students this option. A student who elects to take a course or courses pass/no pass must (1) also meet for the semester the requirements for graded class work in Paragraph 3 under "Juris Doctor" in the 2020-2021 School of Law Catalog and (2) file in the Law Records Office a written election to take the course or courses on a pass/no pass basis no later than three weeks after the beginning of the semester. When a pass/no pass election has been filed, it cannot be withdrawn, except as provided in the following paragraph.
A grade of C or higher shall be recorded as P (Pass). A grade of C- or lower shall be recorded as NP (Not Passing) unless the student promptly files in the Law Records Office an election to accept the letter grade. Neither a grade of P nor a grade of NP shall affect the student's cumulative average. Any semester hours for which a grade of NP is recorded shall not be included in the total semester hours the student has completed toward the minimum required for a degree. If a student who has received a grade of C- or lower elects to accept the letter grade, it shall be treated as a grade in a graded course for all purposes.

Pass/No Pass form

To declare a course P/NP you must submit a form to the Law Records Office.  (We do not use the P/NP option on Self Service.  If you mark this, it will not be accepted.  Forms only.)

Spring 2021 - Deadline for submitting a pass/no pass form is January 29, 2021.

Spring 2021Instructors who deny the Pass/No Pass option in their course:

LAW 221 - Child Abuse and Neglect Seminar

Updated 1/11/2021