2019-2020 Student Organizations, Advocacy Programs, and Journals

American Constitution Society (ACS)

  • President: Natalie Gordon, gordon.n@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Julia Kerr, kerr.j21@law.wlu.edu
  • Advisors: Margaret Hu & Chris Seaman

The W&L Chapter of the American Constitution Society is a progressive, apolitical organization dedicated to both academic enrichment and social interaction among the W&L Law School Community. Because we believe that the United States Constitution informs all aspects of American society, we are dedicated to bringing a well-rounded and diverse range of enrichment to the school. We are also closely linked to the National American Constitution Society, and we encourage all of our members to participate in the impressive programming available free through the National organization. We are open to new program ideas and also welcome people from all walks of life into our membership.

 Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

  • President: Srimukhi Vunnam, vunnam.s@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Wonkyu Kim, kim.w@law.wlu.edu 

To promote diversity, inclusion, and the expansion of the NAPALSA and NAPABA network within the Washington and Lee University and Lexington communities.

 Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

  • President: Mahalia Hall, hall.m@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Evan Reid, reid.e21@law.wlu.edu
  • Advisors: Trenya Mason & Brandon Hasbrouck

The Washington & Lee Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is a student organization committed to advancing the status of Black individuals under the law and within the legal profession. BLSA aims to support and advance the interests of its members and the broader Black community. In this effort, BLSA focuses on the recruitment and development of Black law students at W&L, and seeks to build relationships between current students and alumni. In addition, BLSA enhances the academic and professional development of its members by informing them of employment and educational opportunities and by supporting their efforts to take advantage of them. The members of BLSA engage in community service within the Lexington community and participate in political action on issues facing the Black Community at a local, state, national and global level. Lastly, BLSA encourages social interaction between its members and the wider W&L community to foster meaningful networks, greater understanding, and a stronger campus community.

Website: https://wlublsa.com

 Business and Law Association

  • President: Giancarlos Rodriguez, rodriguez.g@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Seth Kuntz, kuntz.s21@law.wlu.edu
  • Advisor: Josh Fairfield

The Washington and Lee Business and Law association seeks to promote and grow a Washington and Lee community of students interested in the intersection of business and law.

Christian Legal Society (CLS)

  • President: Emily Kendall, kendall.e@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Scott Miller, miller.s21@law.wlu.edu
  • Advisor: Sam Calhoun

CLS is about friends inviting friends to dinner. We see our existence as being about food and fellowship. In this, we try to emulate Christian practice where we encourage each other with Biblical scripture over weekly mealsEnvironmental Law Society

Environmental Law Society

Co-President: Caroline Crosbie, crosbie.c@law.wlu.edu
Co-President: Michael Robinson, robinson.m@law.wlu.edu
Treasurer: Michael Robinson, robinson.m@law.wlu.edu
VP of Community Service and Outreach: 
VP of Communications: 
VP of Events: 
1L Representative: 
Advisor: Professor Fraley & Professor Youngman

Our mission is to draw attention to all aspects of environmental and energy law and related fields through W&L community events, speakers, service projects, and other opportunities to connect and collaborate with campus groups. In addition, we strive to promote sustainability in the use of law school facilities.

Executive Committee (EC)

  • President: Will Bolton, boltonw20@mail.wlu.edu
  • 1L EC Rep: 
  • 2L EC Rep: Dan Kator, kator.d21@law.wlu.edu
  • 3L EC Rep: Sean Moran, moran.s@law.wlu.edu

Federalist Society (Fed Soc)

  • Co-Presidents: Ethan Ross, ross.e@law.wlu.edu & Lauren Curtin, curtin.l@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Emily Kendall, kendall.e@law.wlu.edu
  • Advisor: Al Carr

The Washington and Lee Chapter of The Federalist Society exists to connect this vast network with the conservatives and libertarians at the law school and give voice to a conservative and libertarian view of public policy and judicial interpretation on campus. We do this by hosting general events open to all at the law school, exclusive career development and networking events for official members of the national Federalist Society organization, and trips to the national organization's annual Lawyers Convention and Student Symposium to meet and build relationships with leaders of national think tanks, professors at prestigious law schools, state and federal judges, and students at the nation's top law schools.

 German Law Journal (GLJ)

  • Executive Editor: 
  • Advisor: Russell Miller

Website: http://www.germanlawjournal.com/

Henry IV Society

  • President: 

The Henry IV Society aims to promote understanding of the philosophy of law. We believe knowledge of this subject is an important supplement to traditional law school instruction. The Society has proven most attractive to students who were deeply invested in study of the humanities in college. Henry IV provides a forum for students like this as well as others to discuss the relationship between philosophy and law, thereby enriching their law school experience.

International Law Society

  • Co-Presidents:Anahita Mohtasham-Gharagozloo, mohtasham-gharag.a21@law.wlu.edu & Mitch McCloy, mccloy.m21@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Angela Cannon, cannon.a21@law.wlu.edu

The Washington and Lee University School of Law International Law Society (WLISL) provides a forum for those interested in any aspect of international law -- private and public -- including human rights, trade, development, finance, international commercial arbitration, labor, environment, cyber and military law to discuss the most pressing issues in those fields.

The purpose of the organization is:
(a) To contribute to the establishment and definition of international law through discussion and programming.
(b) To provide students opportunities to experience the various dynamics of international law.
(c) To increase the awareness of, interest in, and understanding of international law and practice among Washington & Lee University School of Law students and other members of the university  community.
(d) To comply with the mission and purpose of the International Law Students Association.
(e) To compete in and host International Law Moot Court Competition(s).

J. Reuben Clark Law Society

  • Chair/President:
  • Advisor: Paul Rollins

1. The mission of Student Chapters of the Law Society is the same as that of the Lawyer Chapters of the Law Society. A Student Chapter can help students to recognize the strength that can be brought to both the practice and study of law by the students' personal religious convictions.
2. Through public service and outreach activities, Student Chapters can help to promote fairness and virtue in their legal studies and in the broader legal community around them.
3. As core Law Society values are instilled in students from the beginning of their legal education, those values will become integral to the students' professional activities as they begin their legal careers.
4. When students establish a network of lawyers and other law students that share their ethical values and philosophies during their years attending law school, they will be more likely to continue those associations as lawyer members of the Law Society in the areas where they practice law.

Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA)

  • President: Natalie Gordon, gordon.n@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Joe Oshrin, oshrin.j@law.wlu.edu

The Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) is designed to meet the needs of the Jewish student body within the W&L School of Law. Our organization includes secular as well as observant students, and all of our events are open to the entire law school community. Activities include social events, speakers on Jewish or legal topics, and events celebrating Jewish holidays.

Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice (JCRSJ)

  • Editor in Chief: 
  • Advisor: Joan M. Shaughnessy

Website: http://law2.wlu.edu/crsj/

Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA)

  • President: Karen Vallejos-Corrales, vallejos.k@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Hector Quesada, quesada.h21@law.wlu.edu
  • Advisor: Tim MacDonnell

Our mission is to promote diversity at Washington and Lee and create a close-knit community that is proud to celebrate Latin culture. For the past two years, our Board has worked together with Faculty members to help students adjust to the demands of law school by exposing them to programs that focus on professional and academic development, and that provide a network of friends and alumni. This upcoming year, our mission is to continue to solidify the presence of Washington and Lee Law at renowned moot court competitions such as the NYU Immigration Law Moot Competition and the HNBA Annual Uvaldo Herrera National Moot Court Competition. 

Law Families

  • President: Nate Roach, roach.n21@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Warren Buff, buff.w21@law.wlu.edu

The mission of Law Families is to support the Law Student and his or her partner, spouse, or children during law school and after. Lexington is a small community, and Law Families can provide additional support and a knowledge base on navigating law school while balancing the outside demands of marriage, long term relationships, and family.

Law News

  • President: Cameron Johnson, johnson.c@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Charlie Richards, richards.c@law.wlu.edu

The W&L Law News is dedicated to being the student newspaper for the law community. The Law News provides several avenues for students to express themselves, or discover new information. It acts as a forum for students to express their views to a large audience on various issues. The paper also informs the law community of changes, events and other general news occurring at W&L and specifically at the law school. On a less serious side, other contributing authors provide information on things to do in Lexington or the surrounding areas, which is vitally important in a community this small.

A student newspaper is vitally important to a healthy law student community and that's why we are the voice of every student at this school. No one is denied the opportunity to write or comment in the Law News. There is no GPA requirement or write on competition to be able work for or just write in the Law News.
Finally, every student-whether a Law News writer or not-benefits from our publication by becoming more informed about the opinions of their classmates and the issues facing their school. We'd like to continue this tradition and our success as three-time #1 ranked law school newspaper by the ABA.

Website: http://www.wlulawnews.com/

Law Review

  • Editor in Chief: 
  • Advisor: Kish Parella

Website: http://lawreview.journals.wlu.io/

 Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Distinguished Lecture Series (Powell Board)

  • Co-President: Kimia Movahed, movahed.k@law.wlu.edu
  • Co-President: Lee Sands, sands.l@law.wlu.edu

In 2002, a group of law students started the Powell Board Lecture Series to honor the late Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Each year, the Lewis Powell Lecture Series has one goal: to bring a speaker of note in the legal community to deliver a lecture in honor of Justice Powell. Past lecturers have included Alberto Gonzales, Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson, and Justice Antonin Scalia. The lecture, having been held for fifteen years now, is a budding tradition of the law school. There are no co-sponsors.

Moot Court Executive Board (MCEB)

  • Chair: 


  • President Evelyn Clark, clark.e@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Lucy Dempsey, dempsey.l21@law.wlu.edu

Our mission is to unite LGBT+ law students and allies at W&L Law in efforts to promote diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, and support for LGBT+ issues. We welcome participation and support from people of all different identities, viewpoints, and backgrounds who support the dignity and equality of LGBT+ individuals.
We plan to further our mission by sponsoring social and educational events at W&L Law, such as bringing in speakers to talk about LGBT+ law-related issues. We will also send OUTLaw members to LGBT+ events and conferences outside the law school that focus on LGBT+ related issues and resources. For example, OUTLaw representatives have attended the LGBT Bar's Lavender Law Conference and Job Fair in Chicago. Additionally, we also hope to connect current students with W&L alumni who identify as LGBT+ or are allies.

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity (PAD)

  • President: Stephanie Kley, kley.s21@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Jisoo Bae, bae.j21@law.wlu.edu

Phi Alpha Delta is a national law fraternity aimed at providing valuable social and networking opportunities for its members. PAD's annual auction raises money for public interest scholarships as well as local organizations.

 Pro Bono Board

  • Co-Presidents: Lizzy Barbaree, barbaree.l21@law.wlu.edu & Ann Herman, herman.a21@law.wlu.edu
  • Advisor: Trenya Mason

Pro Bono Board focuses on providing direct community service opportunities to law students throughout the school year. We focus on benefitting the Lexington/Rockbridge community and building community connections with law school students. We create a positive relationship with the local community and find ways for law students to feel connected with the Lexington area.

Public Interest Law Students Association (PILSA)

  • Co-Presidents: Amanda Triplett, triplett.a@law.wlu.edu & Blair Barker, barker.b@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: David Cross, cross.d@law.wlu.edu

PILSA is a student organization dedicated to supporting fellow students pursuing careers in public service and public interest law. Our goal is to promote a commitment to community service and pro bono work. We work to alert students to relevant career opportunities and give back to the greater Shenandoah Valley. We help raise funds for unpaid summer internships in public interest law. We believe that everyone should have access to justice and encourage advocacy that advances the interests of those who are under-represented in the legal system.

Website: https://law.wlu.edu/students/student-organizations/pilsa

Real Estate Development and Investment Society

  • President: Cameron Johnson, johnson.c@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Austin Scieszinski, scieszinski.a@law.wlu.edu
  • Advisor: Ed Walker

A society for those interested in real estate development and investment. Additionally, a way for students to test the water and see if this fits into their interests without a class commitment. The society will facilitate an ongoing discussion of real estate development, business, and law. The society will provide an outlet to discuss student projects, ideas, and investments. Furthermore, it is a goal of the society to bring in speakers in both law and business, as well as develop interesting career choices.

Secular Legal Society

  • President: 
  • Advisor: Jill Fraley

 The religious students at the school have a church they can go to in order to socialize every Sunday with like-minded people. Being secular, the members of this organization have no regular meetings to discuss ideas, views, the law and morality with like-minded individuals. This club would provide an outlet for this exchange of ideas. We would like to open a forum for dialogue and discussion to happen among the many people of faith. We would like to promote inclusiveness, respect, and understanding. Recent rhetoric from the election has made us increasingly aware of the importance some people place on religion. Nearly a third of Americans believe that you cannot truly be an American without being a Christian. We believe that by being open and hosting inclusive events to raise awareness for the secularists of the W&L community we can dispel this mindset.

Sports Czars

  • Co-Presidents: Zachery DeLeon, deleon.z@law.wlu.edu & John Milani, milani.j@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Charlie Richards, richards.c@law.wlu.edu

The Sports Czars are an athletically focused organization devoted to providing inclusive, community based, recreation to all students throughout the law-school. The Czars feel it is their duty to create an atmosphere of stress-free competition within a law-school culture that is often plagued by stress and anxiety. As volunteer Czars, we pride ourselves on facilitating a safe, competitive, and inclusive environment throughout the year.

Sports, Entertainment, and Intellectual Property Law Society

  • President: Johnny Little, little.j21@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Kate Thompson, thompson.k21@law.wlu.edu
  • Advisors: Sally Wiant and Christopher Seaman

Our mission is to provide students with opportunities to compete in external moot court and writing competitions, engage and network with professionals, and understand and gain the skills necessary to succeed in Sports, Entertainment, and Intellectual Property Law. Through our work we diversify the knowledge areas and skills contributing to the law school, university, and community.

 Student Bar Association (SBA)

  • President: Roy Abernathy, abernathy.r@law.wlu.edu
  • Vice President: Kimia Movahed, movahed.k@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Kaity McClaine, mcclaine.k21@law.wlu.edu
  • Secretary: Georgi Pisano-Goetz, pisanogoetz.g@law.wlu.edu

The SBA has the following mission:
1. To ensure a governing council responsive to the will of the law school student body.
2. To provide a forum for the expression of ideas concerning the social, ethical, and intellectual aspects of student life.
3. To encourage the initiation of programs in order to achieve and maintain a high standard of education at the School of Law.
4. To provide for association among students, faculty, and administration to promote a close affiliation between students and members of the legal profession.
5. To provide for association among students and the Lexington community.
6. To pursue the high standard of professionalism necessary to excel in the legal community.
7. To ensure compliance with all University policies including those of the Executive Committee of Washington and Lee University.

Website: www.wlusba.com

The Student Coalition for Campus Change (Student Coalition)

  • Co-Presidents: Danilelle Scott, scott.d@law.wlu.edu & Matthew gibson
  • Treasurer: Adenike Miles-Sorinmade, miles-sorinmade.a21@law.wlu.edu

The Student Coalition for Campus Change is a student organization made up of students and student organizations from Washington and Lee University and Washington and Lee University School of Law committed to creating a campus environment where all students feel represented, respected, and valued.

Mission Statement:
The Student Coalition's mission is to focus recognition on African American leaders and other traditionally underrepresented groups on campus including but not limited to women, Latinx, Asian American, and LGBTQ who have contributed to the formation and/or continued success of Washington and Lee University.

1. Encouraging principles of self-determination, dignity, and respect for all individuals regardless of their identities
2. Fostering productive, healthy conversation concerning diversity and social issues underrepresented groups face on campus
3. Advancing the opinions, histories, and symbolic displays of traditionally underrepresented groups on campus through nonviolent resistance, cooperation and building an inclusive campus culture.
4. Promoting equal opportunity and equal representation for underrepresented students across campus

Student Judicial Committee (SJC)

  • Law School Justice At-large Rep: Jackie Bontjes, bontjes.j@law.wlu.edu
  • 3L Rep: Whitney Lambeth, lambeth.w@law.wlu.edu
  • 2L Rep: Emily Dalessio, dalessio.e21@law.wlu.edu
  • 1L Rep: 

Tax Law Society

  • Co. Presidents: Kimia Movahed, movahed.k@law.wlu.edu & Ashley Duckworth, duckworth.a@law.wlu.edu
  • Christian Reese, reese.c21@law.wlu.edu

We intend to expand our involvement in the 2017-2018 school year. In the year to come, we plan on hosting legal academics and practitioners at W&L in addition to participating in the ABA Law Student Tax Challenge.

Transnational Law Institute Student Anti-Corruption Consortium (TLI-STACC)

  • President: 
  • Advisor: Speedy Rice

The Transnational Law Institute's Student Anti-Corruption Consortium (TLI-STACC) is a student-run organization in which students of any background can gather to collaborate through discussion and education in an effort to end corruption. Corruption is a worldwide problem that requires the efforts of a wide variety of people with different talents and interests. Therefore, any student at Washington and Lee University School of Law who is interested in promoting anti-corruption is welcome to join. As a group, we are currently holding discussions via video-conference with a similar student organization at the Chernivtsi Law School in Ukraine. Our goal is that through these discussions we can assist them in their efforts to end corruption at their school.

 Washington and Lee Veterans' Advocates (WLVA)

  • President: Ethan Ross, ross.e@law.wlu.edu
  • Treasurer: Josh Keruski, keruski.j21@law.wlu.edu

WLVA provides a forum of discussion and support for those affiliated with the U.S. Armed Forces, Coast Guard, or those interested in military veterans' issues, national security strategy, or defense policy. WLVA is dedicated to advocating for veterans and increasing awareness of issues related to veterans, national security strategy, or defense policy.

Membership is open to any student, faculty member, staff, or spouse in the University community with an interest in matters affecting our military, its veterans, and national security without regard to status as a military veteran or current service member.  

 Women Law Students Organization (WLSO)

  • Co‚ÄźPresidents: Talia Homchick, homchick.n@law.wlu.edu & Alex Taylor, taylor.a@law.wlu.edu
  • Advisors: Johanna Bond & Beth Belmont

WLSO is an organization that promotes an atmosphere of gender equality and provides a forum of discussion for issues that interest, concern and affect women. WLSO is dedicated to advocating for the success of women in the law, and to bringing an awareness of women's issues to the Washington & Lee Law School community.

Website: http://law.wlu.edu/wlso