Student Organizations, Advocacy Programs, and Journals

American Constitution Society (ACS)

  • President: Jean Marie Christy
  • Vice-President: Chloe Bilodeau
  • Treasurer: Kit Thomas
  • Secretary: TBD

Faculty Advisors: Margaret Hu & Chris Seaman

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

The Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) strives to be an academic, social, and political arena for all students who are interested in learning about and supporting Asian and Asian American issues in the law. By nurturing the professional development of its members, educating the legal community about Asian American needs in legal practice, participating in community service projects, and articulating the needs of its students to the faculty and administration, we seek to cultivate a supportive minority community at the Washington and Lee School of Law. 

  • President: Jae Won Ha
  • Vice President of Communication: Yiran (Helena) Shao
  • Vice President of Fundraising: Jun An Yong
  • Vice President of Events: Alexandra Hakusui
  • Secretary: Ian Roberts

 Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

  • President: Adrianne Williams
  • Vice President: Mikail Clark
  • Secretary: Ian Roberts
  • Treasurer: Chad Joseph
  • Historian: Charu Kulkarni
  • Mock Trial Coordinator: Rennie Laryea
  • Moot Court Coordinator: Maureen Edobor
  • Alumni Relations: Chi Ewusi

Faculty Advisor: Victoria Sahani

Christian Legal Society (CLS)

  • President: Ben Nye
  • Vice-President: Rennie Laryea
  • Secretary: Meredith Toole
  • Treasurer: Mark Zhuang

Faculty Advisor:  Sam Calhoun

Executive Committee (EC)

  • President: Wilson Miller
  • Vice President: Daniel Johnson
  • Secretary: Sonia Brozak
  • 1L Rep: Timur Dikec
  • 2L Rep: John Houser
  • 3L Rep: Brett Castellat

Federalist Society (Fed Soc)

  • President: Tom DeMatteo
  • Vice President: Mikail Clark
  • Secretary: Meredith Toole
  • Treasurer: Mark Zhuang
  • Speaker Chair: Jenna Lorence
  • Publicity Chair: McNair Nichols

Faculty Advisor: Al Carr

German Law Journal (GLJ)

  • Executive Editor: Chi Ewusi
  • Managing Editor: Deb Howe
  • Submissions Editor: Mandi Lyons-Archambault
  • Web/Content Editor: Royce Stuteville
  • Senior Articles Editors: Maressa Cuenca, Andrea Marshall, & Arthur Vorbrodt
  • Lead Articles Editors: Rosy Baeza, Tacho Fernandez, Wilson Jiang, Erin Simmerock, Lizzy Williams, & Jess Winn

Henry IV Society

The Henry IV Society seeks to provide a forum for discussions of the philosophy of law. The founding members of the Society share a conviction that the black-letter law taught in typical law school courses ought to be supplemented with a broader knowledge of basic principles. At each meeting of the Society, members discuss a short philosophical essay or book chapter distributed prior to the meeting.

  • Stephen Edwards

J. Reuben Clark Law Society

  • President: Starleigh Smith
  • VIce President: Rachel Norby
  • Secretary: Jonathon Stanley
  • Treasurer: Clint Williams

Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA)

  • Contact: Ben Naidorf

Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice (JCRSJ)

  • Editor in Chief: Chelsea Creta
  • Executive Editor: Caley DeGroote
  • Managing Editor: Andrew Higgins
  • Advancement Editor: Mikail Clark
  • Symposium Editor: Charli Gibbs-Tabler
  • Senior Articles Editors: Stacey LaRiviere & Sarah Stovall
  • Notes Editors: Olivia Broderick & Jack Gainey
  • Lead Articles Editors: Tom DeMatteo, Valerie Fulton, & Adrianne Williams

Faculty Advisors: Margaret Hu, Victoria Sahani

Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA)

  • President: Rosy Baeza
  • Vice President: Tamra Harris
  • Treasurer: Peter Askin
  • Secretary: Luisa Hernandez
  • Community Outreach: James Simon
  • Events Co-Chairs: Matthew Donahue & Ian Roberts
  • Moot Court Cordinator: Maressa Cuenca

Law Families

  • Coordinators: Sills O'Keefe & Annie Cox

Law News

  • Editor in Chief: Charles William Knapp
  • Executive Editor: Chi Ewusu
  • Managing Editors: Kevin Rickert & Richard Goode
  • Layout Editor: Christopher Hoynicki
  • Online Editors: Daniel Martin and Hollie Webb
  • Marketing Editor: Peter Askin
  • Publication Editor: Chad Joseph
  • Section Editors: Jeffrey Valentine & Holly Farris


Law Review

  • Editor in Chief: D. McNair Nichols, Jr.
  • Executive Editors: Lucas M. Barta & Leanna C. Minix
  • Managing Editors: Anne M. Anderson & Arthur R. Vorbordt
  • Senior Articles Editors: Peter M. Szeremeta & Jessica A. Winn
  • Symposium Editor: Mitchell D. Diles
  • Managing Online Editors: Andrea I. Marshall & Daniel J. Martin
  • Lead Articles Editors: Kiersty M. DeGroote, Lauren A. Michnick, Brent M. Phipps, Kevin Rickert, William C. Simmerson, James E. Simon, Ashley C. Slisz, & Clinton T. Williams
  • Lead Online Editors: Ann S. Cox & Jenna M. Lorence

Faculty Advisor: Chris Seaman

Lewis Powell, Jr. Distinguished Lecture Series (Powell Board)

  • Co‐Chairs: Chelsea Creta & Tom DeMatteo
  • Board Members: Caley DeGroote, Kiersty DeGroote, McNair Nichols, Carl Krausnick, & Peter Szeremeta

Moot Court Executive Board (MCEB)

  • Chair: Jenna Lorence
  • Vice Chairs: Max Gottlieb, Bo Mahr, & Stacey LaRiviere
  • Davis Competition Co-Administrators: Deb Howe & James Simon
  • Negotiations Administrator: Mason Williams
  • Mock Trial Co-Administrators: Caley DeGroote & Kiersty DeGroote
  • Mediation Administrator: Brent Phipps
  • Client Counseling Administrator: Chelsea Creta


  • Co-Chairs: TJ Briggs & Colt Justice
  • Vice Chair: Emily Gorham

Advisor: Andrea Hilton

Phi Alpa Delta Law Fraternity (PAD)

  • Justice: Darnell Morrow
  • Vice Justice: Kit Thomas
  • Treasurer: Taylor Rafaly
  • Secretary: Marta Vasquez
  • Marshall: Aubrey Morin
  • Auction Chairs: Chloe Bilodeau & Taylor Davison
  • Alumni Relations: TBD

Faculty Advisor: TBD

Phi Delta Phi

  • Magister:
  • Vice Magister:
  • Exchequer:
  • Clerk:
  • Historian:

Faculty Advisor: Mary Natkin

Pro Bono Board

The purpose of W&L's Pro Bono Board is two-fold: serve the local community and foster a service-oriented student body. To serve the community, Pro Bono Board members have the opportunity to volunteer with local nonprofits every week. Our partnerships community partnerships include the Mayflower, Habitat for Humanity, the local library, the Chessie Trail Maintenance Committee, Hospice, SPCA and more. To create a spirit of service within our W&L community, the Pro Bono Board will host a speaker series, one focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility, and the other on the importance of pro bono service. Our general membership is open to both undergraduate and law students so that students across the bridge can connect with one another in a productive and service-oriented way. Let's start serving Rockbridge together!  

  • Co-Chairs: Stacey LaRiviere & Ashley Slisz
  • Co-Directors of Outreach: Tamra Harris & Katie Vaughn
  • PR Director: Sarah Stovall
  • Executive Members: Erin Simmerock & Andrea Marshall

Public Interest Law Students Association (PILSA)

  • President: Jess Winn
  • VP Community Service: Emily Bao
  • VP Fundraising: Chad Joseph
  • Treasurer: TJ Briggs
  • Secretary: Fiorella Herrera
  • Education Co-Chairs: Matt Donahue & Jay Ha
  • Community Service Co-Chairs: Kimberly Neel & Charu Kulkarni
  • 2L Reps: Kelly Chrisman, Watts Burks, & Anne Steel
  • 3L Reps: April Brown & Holly Farris


Sports, Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law Society (SEIPLS)

  • President: Austin Woodside
  • Vice President: Spencer Wiles
  • Treasurer: Greg Funk
  • Secretary: Mark Zhuang
  • Sports Director: Christian Addison
  • Intellectual Property Director: AJ Bergren
  • Entertainment Director: Thomas Griffin

Sports Czars

  • Lucas Barta, Olivia Broderick, James Simon, McNair Nichols, Mitch Diles, Joe Lockwood, Spencer Wiles, Greg Funk, & Javier Puga

St. Thomas More Society

  • President: Tacho Fernandez Sanchez
  • Vice-President: Kja Harper-Gopaul

Faculty Advisor: Brian Murchison

Student Bar Association (SBA)

  • President: Olivia Broderick
  • Vice President: Catherine Woodcock
  • Secretary: Chloe Bilodeau
  • Treasurer: Danielle Wise
  • 1L President: Robert Wilson
  • 1L VP: Kiersten Holms
  • 2L President: Jonathan Murphy
  • 2L VP: Kelly Chrisman
  • 3L President: Carl Krausnick
  • 3L VP: Ray Escobar


Student Judicial Committee (SJC)

  • At-large Rep: Mark Zhuang
  • 3L Rep: Tacho Fernandez Sanchez
  • 2L Rep: Brett Lawrence
  • 1L Rep: Katie Bennett

Transnational Law Institute's Student Anti-Corruption Consortium (TLI-STACC)

The Transnational Law Institute's Student Anti-Corruption Consortium (TLI-STACC) is to be a student-run organization in which students of any background can gather to collaborate through discussion and education in an effort to end corruption. Corruption is a worldwide problem that requires the efforts of a wide variety of people with different talents and interests. Therefore, any student at Washington and Lee University School of Law who is interested in promoting anti-corruption is welcome to join. As a group, we are currently holding discussions via video-conference with a similar student organization at the Chernivtsi Law School in Ukraine. Our goal is that through these discussions we can assist them in their efforts to end corruption at their school. We plan on reaching out to other schools, in Ukraine and elsewhere, as well. We use W&L as a model of best practices.

  • Rachel Norby
  • Danielle Phillips
  • Katie Sheild
  • Brian Wagoner
  • Hollie Webb
  • Katie Vaughn

Washington and Lee Veterans' Advocates (WLVA)

WLVA provides a forum of discussion and support for those affiliated with the U.S. Armed Forces, Coast Guard, or those interested in military veterans' issues, national security strategy, or defense policy. WLVA is also dedicated to advocating for veterans and increasing awareness of issues related to veterans, national security strategy, or defense policy in the greater University and Lexington communities.

Membership is open to any student, faculty member, staff, or spouse in the University community with an interest in matters affecting our military, its veterans, and national security without regard to status as a military veteran or current service member.  

  • President: Nicholas Ramos
  • Vice President: Chandra Winter
  • Treasurer: Gabrielle Ongies

Women Law Students Organization (WLSO)

  • Co‐Presidents: Lizzie Williams & Valerie Fulton
  • Treasurer: Maria Rossi
  • Vice President of Events: Catherine Woodcock
  • Vice President of Education & Outreach: Jean-Marie Christy

Faculty Advisor: Beth Belmont