Wait List Students Information for those who are on the wait list at W&L Law.

Thank you for your interest in W&L Law. Our offer of a position on our wait list reflects our Admissions Committee's assessment that you are qualified to study at W&L Law, however, currently, we are not in a position to offer you a seat at this time.

Please review our Wait List FAQ Page for an explanation of our wait list and selection procedures.

Please note that our wait list is not ranked - we consider the application files of all students on the list as we learn of open seats. We understand that you are anxious about an admissions decision, and we plan to keep you updated by periodic email. Please provide us with any changes to your email address or phone number since we normally use those means to contact you about any openings in our class.

Every year is different, so it is hard to say exactly when you might hear something. In most years, the first point at which we learn of openings in our class is just after our initial deposit deadline (April 15). If our class is full at that juncture, we may be in a position to make offers of admission later in the season-each year a few students who have made an initial deposit decide to attend law school elsewhere; though we typically learn of their decision when our second deposit is due (May 15). Since this is an ongoing process, seats may become available right up until the start of the academic year. We realize not every student can accept an offer of admission that late in the season-if at any point you no longer wish to be considered, please let us know.

We encourage you to complete a virtual visit to W&L Law and we are happy to assist you in gathering all the information you will need to make a quick decision should you receive an offer of admission. We also offer telephone interviews and Zoom conversations. 

Individual Visit

The School of Law offers individual campus visit opportunities.  Please visit this webpage to review the visit options and contact our office at Lawadmissions@wlu.edu with your preferences.  We ask for as much advanced notice as possible, and require a minimum of two business days notice.  

Telephone or Zoom Interviews

We are glad to conduct an interview by telephone or Zoom. Email the Office of Admissions at LawAdm@wlu.edu with your availability for a 30-minute phone conversation between 9am and 4pm Eastern and provide us with your preference between the phone or Zoom. We will respond to schedule a date and time.

If you Decide to Withdraw

If you wish to withdraw your application for a seat in our incoming class, we would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know as soon as you make your decision. Please notify us by email at LawAdm@wlu.edu.

We thank you for your patience and interest in W&L Law!