Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

Washington and Lee assists students in financing their legal education through University merit scholarships, educational loans from state, federal and private lenders, and participation in federally-sponsored work and loan programs (Title IV). There are no need-based grants or scholarships available for law students.

Financial Aid

Educational loans are our only form of financial assistance other than merit scholarships. Students who wish to finance their legal education with educational loans must complete a FAFSA (W&L school code 003768) and direct that it be sent to Washington and Lee University. The University's Office of Financial Aid will not begin work on your file until your FAFSA has been received.

Merit Scholarships

For first-year students, qualification for a merit scholarship is based on undergraduate academic records, Law School Admission Test scores, probability of superior scholarship in the School of Law, potential for leadership in the legal profession, and character.

Research Fellowships

Washington and Lee University School of Law allows a small number of incoming students to work with faculty as Research Fellows. These opportunities are in addition to possible research fellowships that may become available during a student's tenure at W&L Law.