Prospective Students


At W&L Law, OCS counseling professionals act as your career consultants during your transition from law student to legal professional. Each of W&L Law's OCS counselors holds a JD degree; they have varied practice experiences. After an initial meeting in fall of first year, students are welcome to work with any counselor they choose, in the way they find most effective. OCS strives to develop close relationships with students, and most work with all three counselors over the course of their law school career.

OCS advises and assists as students

  • perfect application materials,
  • refine career goals,
  • seek employment, and
  • develop the professional skills critical to success.

Visit our Career Paths page for profiles of recent W&L Law graduates in a variety of positions, the Admissions page for data on employment outcomes, and the ABA Required Disclosures page for additional statistics.

W&L Law has a Loan Repayment Assistance Program is designed to provide financial assistance to graduates working in the public interest at salaries below that of their counterparts in the private sector. Visit our LRAP page for details.

Please browse the entire OCS website to learn more. We hope to see you on campus!